Organic Cotton Candy Flavours

PetitePuf offers a unique spin on organic cotton candy! We loving hand-make our cotton candy flavours and designs, in order to bring you the most amazing experience possible. Our Classic Cones, Signature Flavours, and ever-changing Seasonal Flavours have been thoughtfully selected by our talented tasting team and can be customized (if you don’t see one below that you’d like to try!). We are proud of our unique take on traditional tastes and think you’ll find our flavours are simply amazing!

Our organic cotton candy is made using only organic cane sugar, all-natural flavours and colours, and a few unexpected ingredients. The customer service and attention to detail are second to none, with Petite Puf. We strive to produce the highest quality organic product. We have a passion for creating a unique variety of flavours that will delight every taste palate. Try all of our limited-time seasonal flavours to really amaze that cotton candy lover in your life.

Classic Flavours



Signature Flavours

mango chilli



Seasonal Flavours

watermelon cotton candy

salted caramel


Our Ingredients
Organic Sugar, Organic Dextrose, Natual Flavours, Natural Colours

Our Cotton Candy ingredients are certified organic.

Our Sugars
Our sugars are organic, vegan, and kosher. Depending on Signature Flavours, some of our toppings may not be – please inquire for details.